Who We Are

The Stellar Association identifies emerging solutions and/or technologies that have explosive upside potential. It initially invests in them by using funds from its membership fees.
Fees come from earnings and are equal to 1% of everyone’s earnings.
The original income will come from eight separate ventures we have an agreement with.
The agreement provides The Stellar Association with 10% of the profits from these 8 ventures, for every 40,000 positions in The Stellar Association.

Joining is Easy

Just purchase a position

Everything is Passive

There are no requirements

Regular Updates

Every week a live update with Q&A

Membership is by Invitation only and will be closing in the very near future.
The current price for a position in The Stellar Association is only $60 but is already worth much more than that.

Join Us

Free Cash Games Nightly @ 360WIN

Every night, leading up to a summer extrvaganze, 360WIN is hosting a free cash game!

Check out the Free Sportsbook

You can own a very lucrative business without any money!

If you have a credit score of 700+ or collateral, or make over $50K per year, you can qualify to own a Free-to-Play Sportsbook that is run for you and makes bank.

Other Ventures


The software has been built and tested. All our advertising concepts have been integrated in and Baccarat is ready to go. We are holding off releasing it for two reasons.
1. We want to concentrate on just Poker and Blackjack to get started.
2. Releasing it at a later date will help show we are growing and evolving.

The FUNdraising Mall

Stellar Association members get a piece of each sale and every sale raises money for a worthy cause or charity.


Slots could very well be the most lucrative game of all and will be coming soon.